The Power of Women

March 29, 2011

I am amazed by the power and strength women have. We are much stronger than we appear to be. I see so many wonderful women around me, whether I know them personally or just read about them, they touch my heart and encourage me. I am so grateful for you. Thank you for inspiring me. Remember how amazing you are ladies. If you only knew what you are capable of you would never doubt anything in life.

I love being a dancer because I can express myself without words and put my heart on the floor. It’s so therapeutic. But since I don’t have a place to dance at the moment I get my fix in youtubing one of my favorite dances from So You Think You Can Dance. It’s to one of my favorite songs “This Women’s Work” by Maxwell. This piece was choreographed by Tyce Diorio and is a must watch. I love it. I hope you enjoy it too. Thank you for being you and always remember how strong and special you are. So much power lies within you.


10 thoughts on “The Power of Women

  1. Courtney

    Taylor, I love nothing more then to see powerful classy women. So many people think women have to be one of the other, either classy and elegant or strong and somewhat masculine. You, and many other wonderful women disprove this statement!! Thanks for always inspiring me and posting equally inspiring things!


  2. Classy Chassy

    Two things: 1)I am ADDICTED to youtubing SYTYCD videos! 2)Somehow, I’ve missed this one and just cried my eyes out! Thanks for such an inspiring message and for posting such a great video. Still praying for you and your acceptance into FIT. 🙂

  3. Tara

    I am a dancer also who is unable to dance anymore (at least as I would like) due to bad knees!
    And it’s AMAZING that you chose this today because I absolutely ADORE this performance. It makes me cry every time as breast cancer is near to my heart.
    I definitely needed this reminder right now as today has been a very challenging day for me….especially as a woman. Thank you!
    xxx, ooo

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