My Mother, My Hope

March 15, 2011

I know it isn’t mother’s day yet and I should probably save this post for then but I have to share how grateful I am for my mother today.

Last night I was reminded about what I love most about my mom. I don’t think I can put it into one word but what I love most about her is how she goes after life. She makes things happen for her and she has always encouraged me to go after me dreams as well.

Very few people hear my concerns. I think James is the only one who ever hears them really. However, last night I told her a concern of mine I have. I basically told her I wasn’t going to get my hopes up for something because I didn’t want to be let down. She instantly stopped me in my tracks and said sternly “Taylor Morgan, do not talk like that. You have your hopes, that’s how you get things. I didn’t raise you to be like that. I raised you to have hopes, high hopes. And you make them happen.” I love this about her.

It was at this moment my testimony grew that my mom was meant to be my mother and I was meant to be her daughter. She has had a huge impact on the woman I am and the woman I am becoming. God knew what he was doing when he gave me to her. She is exactly the person I needed to be my mother to give me the strength and courage I would need to go after life.

So mom, thank you for being real with me. You didn’t just tell me to go after my dreams like every other mom but you showed me how through your example. For this, I am eternally grateful. You are an amazing business woman and I am so grateful to have you as my mom. I love you.


3 thoughts on “My Mother, My Hope

  1. Sherri

    Yes, Taylor, your mother is one of the most amazing moms I know — she had a wonderful example in her own mother (Joy’ Mary). You are blessed to be Kimberly’s daughter!
    — Sherri Mo

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