March 16, 2011

So yesterday my husband, James, got to meet the founder/owner of Toms shoes, Blake Mycoskie. He got to hear his whole story about his company and what’s to come. To say that Blake is inspirational is really an understatement. I have always been so intrigued by him and his mission. Here is a person who is a living example of service.

(James & Blake – camera phone sorry it’s blurry!)

I always love hearing stories of how companies got started especially since I am going through my beginning years now with Taylor Morgan. James was lucky enough to hear from Blake himself on his beginning stories of Toms….

Not long after Blake started Toms the LA Times got word of his shoes and mission and ran a cover story of him (that he wasn’t really expecting to run). At the time the story ran Blake had one man making his shoes and they were able to produce 150 in a months time. The morning the story ran (again Blake didn’t know it was running) he woke up to his phone vibrating so much, continuously, that he watched it sit on the table for 20 minutes spinning in circles until it shut itself off. His phone was set up to buzz every time a pair of shoes was bought and after receiving 2,200 orders that morning his phone went on overload!

So now here was Blake with a brand new company, the ability to produce 150 shoes in a months time and 2,200 orders on his hands. What did he do? Hired interns! He pushed through and figured out how to get all the orders met. I love this.

After James told me all this he passed me the sweetest compliment. He said to me “the whole time I heard Blake talking about his company and everything all I could think of how much he reminded me of you.” I was totally surprised by this and asked him why and James said “cause you figure things out like he does.” Huge compliment!

Blake is a huge inspiration to me and I am sure many others too. I love seeing people go after things in life and make a difference. To most Taylor Morgan just looks like wedding dresses and such but it is so much more. People just don’t know it yet! I am running with Taylor Morgan and taking it far. Just how Blake is running with Toms.

In fact Blake announced that as of June 7th Toms will be debuting their entirely new product (not shoes!). His mission is to be known as the One for One company. Buy a pair of shoes, give a pair of shoes, buy a shirt, give a shirt, and so on. He wants to reach out to all things in life. Wouldn’t that be amazing if there was a One for One house? Buy a house, give a house! I love the One for One movement.


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