Have Faith

March 18, 2011

For the past few days I have been reminded on how big of a role our own faith plays in our lives. We are blessed upon our faith. How amazing is that? We can determine what life brings us simply through our faith. So I say let’s be more positive, have high hopes and let your faith grow! It will do amazing things, this I can promise you. All you have to do is have faith.


3 thoughts on “Have Faith

  1. Jenni

    I agree! Lately, I’ve been reminded how much faith is a choice. We can chose to have faith! How cool is that? Faith isn’t passive it’s a power. Thanks Taylor. We miss you!

  2. Miss Amy

    YES!!!! Thank you for this post. Exactly what I needed/wanted to read this morning. The defining moment of my spiritual growth (after my gall bladder surgery and impending gigantic hospital bills) had the words “And by your faith, you will be healed” used. It is true. When I need to remember that the Lord will help us, only if we ask in faith. xoxo

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