Taylor Morgan, the bridal consultant. A Sweet Moment.

October 15, 2010

People ask me all the time if I enjoy being a bridal consultant. And the answer is yes, Yes, YES! For me anyways, I always get emotionally involved with my bride because I really get to know her. I meet her family, find out her love story, how he proposed to her, what she likes, what she doesn’t like, I hear all about the wedding plans, I pick out all her jewelry, veil, give advice on shoes, bras, help with the bridesmaid dresses, and so on. I really try to give my brides a great experience working with me. After all this is a moment they have literally dreamed about their whole life. And I feel so honored to be a part of it.

More often than not I will actually be the one who picks out their wedding dress for them. And I always here “I never would have even tried this on if it wasn’t for you.” Which is usually followed by “you must hear that all the time!” And while I do hear that all the time the most important thing is seeing the joy that comes to my bride when she knows it’s “the one!” It’s a great feeling to have helped her find her dream dress.
Every time a bride, mother, sister or friend cries I cry. I become friends with a lot of my brides and I love it. They are all very sweet. I could tell you so many wonderful sweet stories I have had with my brides but tonight I want to share with you a sweet moment from today.
Today I had an adorable bride named Sarah. Her and her family were all very sweet. She came into the store with some ideas of what she was looking for. I pulled for Sarah the dresses I thought would be best for her while staying in her price range. Sure enough one of the very first ones was “the one.” I knew it instantly. I have worked with enough brides to know when they fall in love and she fell alright!
Well long story short we continued trying on the rest but came back to “the one.” Now when a dress goes on the second time it’s time to talk numbers and while I was giving her the run down of the next step I told her the name of the dress and both her and me instantly teared up. I honestly had chills the second I said the name, it was the weirdest thing. I didn’t understand why I was so emotional until she explained why she was crying. The dress’ name is “Mimi” and Sarah’s Grandmother who she was very close to was named Mimi and she wanted her Grandmother to be able to make it to her wedding but she couldn’t hold on long enough. Well needless to say if she wasn’t already sold on the dress, the name sold it alone. It was so meant to be. I believe her Grandmother was there with us today and I think it is so sweet that her dress is named after her Grandmother. Now she will have a piece of her Grandmother there with her.
I love love stories. I love sweet tender moments. I’m a girl, I love all the lovey stuff. And I love being a small part in a brides dream day. So many wonderful moments and stories I am so grateful for. I cry all the time at work but tears of joy of course!
If any of my brides are reading this thank you for sharing your experience with me and letting me be apart of your dress shopping. Thank you for the memories! It reminds me that even in a world that seems out of control sometimes that love still does exist. People still do believe in love and fight for it.

Keep the love alive!
-Taylor Morgan

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