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Sneak Peak

September 3, 2010

Hi everyone!
I feel back to normal now that the launch party is over. I was crazy busy up until then. Now I feel like I can breathe. Today I am going over to my photographer’s to pick out the pictures I like for the website and my add campaigns. There are seriously thousands so it will take a while! In the mean time I wanted to post pictures of the dresses myself so you can see something until they are officially up on my site,

Thank you to all my Austin friends who made it out to my launch party. Your support is everything to me. Thank you so much!

Without further a due, here is the Taylor Morgan 2011 Bridal Collection. Photography by Healy Jesse.

Please note,the one on the far left is turned around so you can see the back.
Names of dresses from left to right:
Jete, Tendu “Amanda”, Allegro, Pique, and Rond de Jambe

All the dresses are named after dance terms to tie my two worlds together.
These sketches are of Allegro and Pique.

Jete (turned around), Tendu and Allegro. Allegro was to tiny to fit on the mannequin.

Sketch of Tendu, nickname Amanda. This is the dress I originally designed for my wedding dress but last minute changed my mind because I decided I wanted a floor length dress. This is also the dress I sold to my first bride Amanda. Later I will explain why it has two names.


Sketches of Tendu, Allegro and Pique

Sketches of Jete, Allegro, Tendu and Rond de Jambe

Just a little sneak peak for now. In an up coming post I will explain the meaning behind their names and show you more behind the scenes of the making of the collection that I couldn’t share until now.

To anyone who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, I am coming in town September 17 through September 22. I will be having a trunk show there with the dresses. Tentatively, I am thinking of having it on Monday, September 20 in the Phoenix area. Let me know if this would be a good date for you and if not what would work for you. The dresses will be there for you to see, try on and purchase if interested. There will be a discount on the dresses since it is a trunk show. Trunk show just means the dresses are coming in some where they are not normally.

Have a great weekend everyone!

-Taylor Morgan


5 thoughts on “Sneak Peak

  1. Blair and Katie

    Congratulations on everything, you totally deserve it! I’m so happy you are coming into town that week. I don’t have work that week so it’s perfect! I want to see your beautiful dresses and we need to get together for sure! Let me know what your schedule will be like and if you will have time to fit me in 🙂

  2. Taylor Morgan

    thank you everyone!

    katie – I am so happy you are free that week! we need to hang out for sure! I have a gift for you for little Avery from your shower but I thought I would just bring it with me. I want to feel her kick!

    Rique – I am soooo happy I will get to see you! I can’t wait!! it’s been way to long my friend! love you!!!

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