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September 27, 2010

It’s been a while since I have last blogged. Recently I went to AZ for a wedding and time with my family. It was nice to go to my home state but sad leaving James in Austin. Have I told you I am such a baby when I have to leave him?

I went to the beautiful Nelson wedding in AZ. It was amazing to say the least. Probably everyone’s fantasy wedding. It was at a gorgeous resort in Phoenix called The Phoenician. The bride was stunning and the food was amazing. They are such a great couple and it is so good to see two wonderful people end up together. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Nelson!

Since I was going to AZ I decided to bring my dresses with me to show my friends and family. It was good to show everyone what I have been working on for so long. They have heard so much about my dresses so it was nice to finally show them the finished product.

It was so fun to spend time with my little sister, Avery. She is my little guber!

One night she wanted to have a sleep over with me in her new room. I knew it would be a sleepless night because she kicks while she sleeps but it is hard to say no to her. Needless to say, I was right. I was kicked all night. But that was not even the worse of it.

Early in the morning I wake up to her pulling blankets over me. As I laid there sleeping I am thinking to myself she is covering me up so I am not cold. Oh no, that is not at all what she was worried about. Quite the opposite in fact. As I laid there trying to stay asleep so early in the morning, I realize that my little sister is actually trying to make her bed with me still in it and is annoyed that I am still asleep at 6 am. I hear her huffing and puffing in frustration and then her screaming across the house “Mom, when does sissy’s plane leave today? I need to make my bed!” Geez! Guess my sleep over invitation ended early in the morning!

I love to clean as many of you know. In fact I would consider myself a neat freak. I always thought I got my love for cleaning from my many weekends spent at the Carroll’s house growing up. (No one can clean like Natalie!). But I must have been wrong. My obsession to clean must be deep inside of me because my little sister has the cleaning bug too. Except she takes it to a whole new level!

Got to love her though!

It’s always fun to go to your “favorite places” when you go back home. I made stops to all my usual places and even got to try some things that are new to my home town of Tukee. If you live in Phoenix you have got to go try “Hillside Spot” in Ahwatukee. It is so good! Some friend’s of ours own it and it is one of my new “favorite places” I will go to when I go home.

One other must stop place I had to go to was Dairy Queen. I know what you are thinking, why Dairy Queen? They are all over the place. Well let me explain. Cherry Dilly Bars are the only thing I even like from Dairy Queen and they don’t exist at the DQ in Texas. Not only do they not exsist but the DQ workers here think I am making it up. They claim that DQ has NEVER had cherry dilly bars. Well I proved them wrong! I got photos to prove it and I will be the crazy woman who shows this to the staff at my local DQ.

And in Taylor Morgan news….I have decided to start my ready to wear line for women earlier than I was planning. There is such a need for it and women are asking for dresses from me but I want to make them more affordable. So, to do that, I will be traveling overseas to find production companies to mass produce my ready to wear line for women. Stay tune on this new adventure! I am so excited for it!

Other than the above I am enjoying being back home in Austin with James. He is my best friend and when I am away from him my other half is missing. Today I am going to be working on veils for brides. Did you know I make veils? They will be for sale on my website eventually. Right now I just do it for people I know.

Long blog post, but that’s what happens when you neglect your blog. I won’t do that again! Have a great Monday everyone!




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