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August 31, 2010

Yesterday was the first ever photo shoot for Taylor Morgan and it went great! Jesse Knish was our photographer, he is awesome! Jessica Epstein was our model and she was gorgeous to say the least. And Mindy Orsak and Marci Madla were our hair and make up artist and they made Jessica look exactly the way I wanted her too look, vintage beauty. She was stunning. You will see!

It was so much fun to see all my hard work come together and pay off. Truly a dream come true. I have done a lot of photo shoots as a model but it was so much more fun to be on the other side as the designer. Having my own wedding dress line is something I have wanted since I was a little girl and I always dreamed about the photo shoots and yesterday it came to life. So wonderful! I am blown away with how the photos turned out.

My Mom, Grandmother, and Uncle Andrew all flew in this week for my launch party and they came to the second half of the photo shoot which was fun. And yesterday happened to also be my Grandmother’s birthday. So after the photo shoot we all went out to dinner at one of James and my favorite restaurants Gloria’s.

My mom was sweet and gave me a gift as a congratulations for my line starting. It is a adorable Betsey Johnson watch that she had in graved on the back “Taylor Morgan” and “September 1, 2010” since that is the day of my launch party. I love it and will cherish it forever.

Such an exciting time in life, not just for me but so many people in my life. Life is truly wonderful and such a blessing and I love it so much.

Now off to a day with my family getting pedicures, laying out and shopping! Have a good day everyone and as always thanks for following my blog. I appreciate your support!

-Taylor Morgan


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  1. Miraleeh

    I can’t tell you how excited and proud we are to hear/see all the exciting things that you have been doing. I am happy that your family was able to be there for this exciting event! What great pictures! Lots of love and congratulations from your family in CA!

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