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Busiest Week of my Life

August 27, 2010

Haven’t been able to blog for a while now that the launch party and photo shoot are days away. And on top of it James and I played parents this week while we house and babysat our friends 3 kids all week. See I told you it was a busy week! But surprisingly it went much smoother than I expected. I am grateful I babysat during this busy week, I think it kept me less stressed actually cause the kids are so sweet and helped me relax after work.

After I got the dresses from LA they still needed a lot of work so all week me and my newest seamstress have been working together on the dresses. We actually had to totally remake one dress which required over nighting fabric from NYC and everything but it all turned out great! I am very happy with them. It is great to have them all real and alive right in front of me.

It may sound silly to most of you but these dresses feel like my kids. I started designing them in January 2009 and have gone through a lot to make them become a reality. I feel such an attachment to them after all the work it has taken to make them just right. It’s hard to think of starting on another collection very soon but that’s how it works! Round and round you go! I love my job though. It’s great to do what you love most for a living. Thank you God.

I am so grateful to God for helping me every single step of the way. I have a strong testimony that he knows us better than anyone else (including ourselves) could ever know us. And sometimes he helps you out before you even realize you needed it. He is amazing and is so aware of us all.

I am SO excited to share the pictures with all of you. The photo shoot is Monday and the launch party is Wednesday so hopefully by this time next week you will see the dresses!

It’s officially here. My new career. I’m ready and am moving forward. Thanks for your support. I am grateful for it.


So excited to see my family and friends at the launch party. If you are not in the Austin area I am coming to Phoenix September 17 and will have a party with the dresses when I am in town! Looking forward to coming home to Phoenix!

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