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so close I can almost taste it

July 19, 2010

As Taylor Morgan is about to debut it’s first collection a lot of emotions are running through me. Excitement, nervousness, gratitude, hope, happiness, and an overall feeling of amazement as I look back to November when I started putting Taylor Morgan together as a company to where it has come to today. Let me tell you, it is so much harder than you can ever imagine until you do it. More goes into it than people know. I can see how so many try and fail. But I know I can do this because I am meant to do it.

All the hard work over the past 8 months now has me ready to share with the world Taylor Morgan and what Taylor Morgan stands for as a company. I can’t wait to share Taylor Morgan with the world. I plan on taking Taylor Morgan near and far.

A new chapter of my life that is unwritten is about to begin and I can’t wait to see where it goes and where it takes James and I. James has been the most supportive, best friend, best fan anyone could ever have. He has totally helped me with every single step and I thank God for a partner who helps give me wings to fly.

I know it’s kind of cliche for me to love this song since it’s all over The Hills but I can’t help but love it. This song really lifts me up and fits me for where I am in my life right now. And I love this version of it. Anyone who knows me knows that I really love lyrics and these lyrics are perfect.

For all of you who read and follow this blog thank you. Your support means so much to me. It’s almost here, stay tuned!



5 thoughts on “so close I can almost taste it

  1. K+B

    I love your yellow dress in that last picture 🙂

    You are amazing Taylor, I’m so excited for you and for all your accomplishments so far!

  2. Caley and Jason

    That yellow dress is gorgeous. As is the blue one. You have great taste! I’m so impressed with how much you’ve accomplished in such a short time. I wish you the best!!

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