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dress one, check!

July 14, 2010

This past weekend we were in San Diego for James’ best friend’s wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and the perfect event to wear my new dress that I made for myself. In my last post you can see the process pictures of it and here is the finished product! It was a big hit with the other ladies at the wedding, I even had some people ask where they can buy it. It was a huge compliment to hear people want to buy a dress I personally designed and made.

For any interested in purchasing this dress in your size you can email Taylor Morgan at More dresses like this are in the making! Stay posted to see them.

And last but not least, wedding dresses will be online and in stores within a month hopefully! Can’t wait to share it all with you! Thanks for your support! Words cannot express how much I appreciate every one’s encouraging words and love in this process. Thank you!


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