One year later!

June 29, 2010

This past weekend James and I celebrated our one year anniversary! We were married on June 27, 2009 in Newport Beach, California. I can’t believe it has already been a year, it feels like yesterday sometimes.

To celebrate we spent the weekend in Dallas at The Four Seasons and went to see the Broadway play Wicked. I had been waiting years to see it and finally did, it was amazing! We loved every minute of it. My favorite song was defiantly Defying Gravity.

View from our beautiful villa:

We decided to go swimming late Sunday night, bad idea! So many mosquitoes were out and they had it out for me! Of course James walked away with not one bite as always, but me, I walked away with at least 18. Yeah 18! One of the worst was behind my left ear. I defiantly had an allergic reaction to the bites because I am SO swollen from them. My ear is still sticking out like crazy! It’s embarrassing…

My ear reminds me of Will Smith in the movie Hitch when he has a food reaction. It hurts so bad I can’t even sleep on the left side of my face.

One of the most exciting parts of the weekend was delivering my first Taylor Morgan bridal gown to Amanda! I can’t even explain the emotions I felt. But it was wonderful! She looks SO beautiful in it! I wish I could post pictures we took but I can’t until after her wedding August 7. Pictures will come then! I can’t wait for all of you to see her in it! 🙂

It is amazing to think that a year ago I just finished making my own wedding dress and a year later I delivered my first wedding dress right before my line is about to launch. What a blessing. So much has happened in a year. The best thing of all is being married to my best friend. I love him more than I can express. He is amazing and I love him more and more every day. James I love you!! Thanks for a wonderful anniversary!

Here is to a bright future!


5 thoughts on “One year later!

  1. Jerilyn

    oh my gosh! Your poor ear!!! I can’t believe it got so bad! I never knew you could be allergic! Those crazy texas mosquitos. I am so glad you guys got to see Wicked, I LOVED it, its probably my fav broadway show now. Happy Anneversary agian! <3 ya

  2. Jerilyn

    Oh… and of course, congratulations on completing the first Taylor Morgan gown! That really is exciting, and its the first of many. Can’t wait to see it!

  3. K+B

    What exciting things! Happy first anniversary, first of all- you looked like you had so much fun celebrating (besides the mosquitoes)! And congrats on all the exciting news with your first wedding gown! I’m so happy for you

  4. Kimberly Woodbury

    yikes your poor ears! mosquitoes are the worst! it looks like you had a great weekend though, congrats on one year and on your first dress! (well second if you count your own… which was BEAUTIFUL by the way!)

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